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About Rough Stones


       It was named after the Andes. It has been popular among people for centuries, because its extraction requires less work than the extraction of other rocks, because it is usually found on the surface. It is a type of magmatic rock, which was formed after the cooling and hardening (900-1100oC) of the lava that spread on the surface. It is a type of rock that can also be found on other planets of our solar system.

Due to its high breaking strength, it is often used for road paving, in road constructions, as well as for covering walls.

Rough stone was once widely used for building walls and foundations. Today, however, rough stone is also commercially available in thicknesses of 1-2 cm. Rough stone is also very popular as decorative wall covering for the interior walls of family homes.


Rough stone as rustic decorative stone


      Its surface is not sanded or polished, but raw, rough, broken, or cut. Thus, one can obtain a rustic look not only by means of a rough stone wall, but also by means of rough stone wall covering.


The shape of the raw stones can be regular or irregular. For homes with an elegant, polished style, the first option is recommended, while in order to obtain a more natural, rustic effect, we recommend irregular stone slabs preserved in their original form.


The character of a decorative stone is determined by the playfulness of the colours and the rusticity of the surface. These features vary from plate to plate.            


Stone tiles are a fashionable solution for paving floors and walls.


They are widely used in both traditional and modern constructions.       


Areas of use of raw stone:




- for paving terraces


- on foundations


- on facades


- for paving fences


- for paving stairs


- for paving vehicle driveways


- for paving retaining walls


- for garden paths


- for pavements




- on floors


- on walls


- for paving fireplaces


- for decorations


- for kitchen counters and bathrooms